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    What do we offer?

    Our Incubator features a modern base of facilities and devices:

    • Premises of diversified surface area from 22 to 56 m2 designed for rent to incubated and preincubated companies as well as to so-called strategic tenants;
    • An attractive and well-equipped audio-visual theatre for presentations, conferences, and trainings with the total surface area of 230 m2 – the theatre can be easily rearranged to form three separate, non-colliding segments;
    • Well equipped technical devices infrastructure for incubator’s participants and guests, including social, sanitary, and catering facilities;
    • Technologically advanced machinery and devices of our own Processing Centre and Metal Science Laboratory – to be used both by the incubator’s tenants, its partners, and also external clients.


    The base and the devices we posses as well as the qualifications of specialists we cooperate with allow us to present interested parties with the offer including the following types and forms of services:

    • Surface rental services, including rental of parts of the premises (workstations) to persons and companies concluding incubation or preincubation agreements with us;
    • Services related to the rental of premises to strategic tenants, companies of established renown and market position in the advanced technologies sector, operating on the basis of innovative solutions;
    • A variety of consulting services for the Incubator’s clients and participants;
    • Our own or commissioned training services aimed at activation of entrepreneurship and innovativeness, managerial trainings, etc.;
    • Partnership and co-participation in educational services and research and development works commissioned by higher education units, research and development units as well as other entities;
    • Provision of technologically advanced cooperation and measurement and laboratory services within the frames of the profile and abilities of our own machinery and lab equipment.